Attrition Busters to host ISC workshop

Attrition Busters President Bob Harris announced this week that he will once again be hosting a workshop at ISC West in March.

The workshop, which is a corporate two-hour session called “The Solutions Challenge: A Role Play Workshop,” will provide attendees with the ability to tackle many of the challenges that they face daily in business. According to Harris, the session will focus on “real challenges” developed for the security industry by industry professionals.

Among the objectives attendees should learn during the workshop include:
• Acquire at least four effective ways to defuse angry customers and save more that want to cancel their service.
• Garner the ability to create a categorized list of various customer complaints/sales challenges and effective responses to take home and collaborate on with others.
• Learn from other dealers and be able to apply numerous tools/techniques to improve at resolving difficult customer challenges.

For more information, visit the Attrition Busters website at