DVTel purchases Ioimage

Purchase of analytics company expands DVTel's end-to-end offerings in IP video

Jan. 12, 2010 -- According to news reports issued this morning, DVTel has purchased Israeli video analytics company ioimage. The acquisition has been confirmed by DVTel's Director of Marketing Communications Kim Robbins. Financial details of the acquisition were not released, as both companies are privately held, but the deal was an all-stock transaction.


Both companies specialize in video surveillance. Ioimage, which is based in Israel and run by founder and president Roni Kass, has earned attention for its ability to put the video analytics process in the cameras themselves, rather than requiring server-side or NVRs to do the heavy lifting of video analysis.

Like ioimage, DVTel has its roots in Israel, where the DVTel R&D teams still operate, however the firm has become primarily based out of North America over the years. DVTel's main platform is its IP video management system known as iSOC (Intelligent Security Operations Center). In addition to the iSOC offering, DVTel offers its "adaptive visualization technology" known as SceneTracker that provides an integrated view of multiple cameras, a function that is best described as video-based scene stitching. The company has added IP-based access control in recent years as the firm has expanded its product base. In addition to its VMS solutions, DVTel produces a line of IP cameras.

"The decision to acquire ioimage is central to DVTel's on-going strategy to innovate end-to-end, IP-based physical security solutions so that they continue to grow to meet the changing needs of its customer base," said DVTel's Director of Marketing Communications Kim Robbins. "Over the past 18 months, the company has seen a significant increase in the number of third-party analytics solutions integrated with DVTel's enterprise level systems around the globe. It increasingly made good strategic sense to offer the very best analytics capabilities as part of DVTel's own iSOC solution."

Robbins added that the company has been keenly interested in acquiring an analytics company as it sought to expand its "end-to-end" solution model.

"The need for analytics has been growing exponentially in recent years," said Robbins in an interview with SecurityInfoWatch.com. "We have been looking at a lot of analytics companies, and ioimage is especially interesting because they have their analytics on the edge, and that gives us some very interesting opportunities in terms of what we can do with those analytics."

Robbins said that the acquisition does not mean that DVTel will focus exclusively on ioimage's analytics.

"We're going to continue to work with other analytics companies. It [integrating with analytics companies] was important to our strategy to our offering of IP cameras and IP access control. Video analytics is very natural for us to have in our product portfolio."

The companies have worked together on joint projects for the last couple years and Robbins said they will soon be publicly announcing a successful joint project.

While the ioimage cameras have often been billed as an analytics solution for small- to mid-size projects, and while DVTel traditionally has been considered an enterprise level system, Robbins noted that with DVTel's recent launch of its Solus VMS last September, the companies have a great deal of overlap in the small- and mid-sized market. Besides the product overlap and technology integration, Robbins said the merger has other benefits for the two companies.

"DVTel brings a global support team and more of a global presence when it comes to sales, support, engineering and marketing. We will be able to add those services to ioimage. Ioimage brings the different partners that support the ioimage solution. They will still be supporting Milestone and Genetec and others that have integrated solutions with ioimage."

"DVTel is just thrilled about this," said Robbins, "and ioimage has a good thing going. We're keeping the names of their product family, it will be corporate DVTel, but ioimage branding will stay the same."

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