GVI Security Solutions acquires PacketNVR software suite

Texas-based video solutions manufacturer GVI Security Solutions announced Thursday that it has acquired a suite of video management systems (VMS) software and related technology from PacketNVR

According to a statement issued by the company, the acquisition adds value to the company’s product portfolio by virtue of now being able to offer a proprietary VMS solution along with its full line of IP cameras. Company officials also point out that developing their own VMS solution would have been much more costly than purchasing the existing PacketNVR software.

Tom Galvin, who helped develop the VMS software for PacketNVR, will also be joining GVI as head of Video Management Solutions.

"We believe that we will now be able to provide a VMS solution with features that are easy to use and reduce the complexity of IP video security. These features are particularly well suited to our existing distribution channels and to new channels and customers, which are becoming more important as the video surveillance markets continue to transition from analog to digital and IP," said GVI Chief Operating Officer Joseph Restivo. "This positions GVI to significantly increase our overall market penetration in IP video surveillance."