Texas, Mississippi launch alarm management committees

Texas and Mississippi law enforcement officials in conjunction with representatives from the alarm industry will soon be forming alarm management committees to help reduce calls from alarm monitoring centers in those states, according to a statement issued earlier this week by the Security Industry Alarm Association.

The committees, which will consist of three police chiefs (members of the International Association of Police Chiefs) and three representatives from the alarm industry in those states, will meet quarterly to develop and implement policies that reduce unnecessary alarm dispatches. As with alarm management committees in other states, these new committees will be primarily focused on the implementation of the IACP model alarm ordinance, as well as the endorsement of a two-call verification system.

In addition to Texas and Mississippi, the IACP has establish alarm management committees in 11 other states including, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Indiana, South Carolina and North Carolina.

“There’s a tremendous amount of positive energy generated by these committees because people are coming together from different disciplines and sharing their best ideas and effective practices,” SIAC Law Enforcement Representative Glen Mowrey said in a prepared statement. “I expect the number of these committees to continue to grow as alarm management practices are refined and improved nationwide.”