AD Group restructures Dedicated Micros, IP video sales

AD Group, which owns Dedicated Micros, announced this week that it is restructuring Dedicated Micros primarily by focusing on changes in its Americas sales model.

Starting this month, video surveillance products from AD Group companies like Dedicated Micros will be marketed through the new "AD Network Video", a business arm created by AD Group to focus on large, integrated video surveillance projects.

The change sees restructuring happening at Dedicated Micros to adapt to AD Network Video being the sales arm. Most notable is the departure of Mark Provinsal, the former executive vice president for Dedicated Micros in the Americas, whose leadership is being replaced by Tammy Larson, who had been Dedicated Micros' vice president of customer support services. Also at Dedicated Micros, Don Macpherson will handled Dedicated Micros product sales that are handled within the distribution channels.

John Bonsee, who has been the senior vice president for business development at Dedicated Micros, will be parlaying that role into the AD Network Video business arm. Other reported personnel additions for AD Network Video include Jon VanDiver as sales director and Frank Hulme on AD's engineering team.

As part of the integration between Dedicated Micros and AD Network Video, the company is opening a new training and demonstration facility in Chantilly, Va. (Dedicated Micros' current home). On a product side, AD Group developed its 'NetVu Connected' platform, which is what the company calls a "software technology DNA" that sits on all networked video solutions the company has offered, including Dedicated Micros' IP video solutions.