Paniotto Law Firm - - Adds a Retired Immigration Officer to Their Team of Professionals in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES , Dec. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Although Paniotto Law Firm is located in Los Angeles , they handle ICE cases from Los Angeles to Arizona and Texas . Thanks to the unique knowledge and experience of retired officer Martinez , Paniotto Law Firm now offers special immigration services that include immigration consultation by a retired deportation officer for immigrants who are now in ICE custody detained at 300 N Los Angeles Street B 18 room, immigrants detained in the LAX, immigrants detained in Lancaster and other deportation jails.

Mr. Martinez's extensive experience ranges from marriage-based and asylum interviews to deportation and detention of illegal immigrants. Paniotto Law Firm provides consultation to illegal immigrant families whose relatives have been arrested by ICE. If you want to help your arrested relatives/friends -- Paniotto Law firm will educate you about the procedures of arrest and detention of illegal aliens and the consequences of a criminal record for deportation and release on supervision. Paniotto law firm will seek solutions for your relatives/friends' visa problems at the LAX airport and other ports of entry and will represent them at the deportation jail immigration court. Paniotto law firm will also advise you on the rules about transfer of illegal immigrant cases to Arizona or Texas .

Would you like to take advantage of a free in-person consultation from an experienced retired immigration officer or an immigration lawyer? Then feel free to contact Dmitry Paniotto, an experienced immigration lawyer at Paniotto Law Firm in Los Angeles .

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Immigration hold, representation in immigration courts, application for visas, permanent residency in the US based on political asylum, employment and family, deportation proceedings in immigration courts, deportation of illegal aliens, and deportation of permanent residents.

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