ComNet grabs new president from GE Security's ranks

Jan.4, 2010 -- Communications Networks, also known as ComNet, has announced that industry veteran Andrew Acquarulo Jr. has joined the firm's ranks as president and chief operating officer. Acquarulo brings experience as the fiber optics business leader at GE Security and was former president and COO for International Fiber Systems (IFS), which was acquired by General Electric as part of the GE Security division.

Acquarulo's connection with ComNet is not accidental; ComNet Chairman and CEO George Lichtblau founded IFS in 1986 and started ComNet after his non-compete with GE Security expired in 2007.

Lichtblau credited Acquarulo with the growth of IFS in the fiber optics market and said that Acquarulo would lead ComNet "into our next growth phase."

Acquarulo said he made the switch from GE/IFS to ComNet as he saw a technology change.

"It became evident that transmission technology has really become stagnant," said Acquarulo. "With the transition to ethernet-based transmission over optical fiber, it was evident no company seemed willing to step forward and fill the gap. ComNet was the first company taking a proactive approach to advancing the technology while retaining a strong focus on supporting the customer. George and I created a successful formula with IFS. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it again at ComNet."

ComNet makes equipment for data transmission over fiber optic and Ethernet designed specifically for use in security and intelligent transportation systems. The company is based in Danbury, Conn.