Telular launches dealer program at ESX 2010

Pittsburgh, PA, June 17, 2010 -- On the ESX show floor this week, Telular Corporation introduced a new dealer program specifically designed for independent dealers who are looking for wireless alternatives to landlines. The announcement of Telular's Telguard Advantage dealer program comes on the heels of industry discussions about the future of POTS and questions of whether dealers will even have the option of copper-wired alarm connections a few years in the future.

Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development for Telular, said the program is designed for dealers of all sizes and noted that dealers can begin registering for the program on July 1, 2010. The program encourages participation from smaller, low-volume dealers. Welsh said that in speaking with dealers about the program, one common misconception is that most manufacturers' programs are only for high-volume dealers.

"This is a program that can work for smaller independent dealers who are even just doing a couple of installations a month," Welsh said. "It's designed to reward consistency at a low threshold."

The program creates discounts on hardware and service for Telular SMS-based cellular communicators, and dealers are tiered in the program based on the average number of Telular installations they do in the previous 12 months. Even dealers doing six or less installs per year find discounts, and the program increases discounts as dealers increase their volume.

Telular's communication products take advantage of national cellular coverage by connecting alarm devices using cellular radios that can be added to existing electronic security equipment. Welsh said the company and its dealers are well positioned to take advantage of the move toward fewer and fewer wired phone lines in homes and small businesses. Because the company's technology works over SMS messaging, Welsh said that the technology won't be outdated in switches from 2.5 to 3G networks (e.g., from GSM to HSPDA) since SMS messaging will continue to be supported. The company's cellular communicators work with a number of different manufacturers' systems, including Bosch, DSC, Elk, GE, Honeywell, Napco and others; the products support such alarm formats as Contact ID, DMP, SIA, SIA2, Pulse, IIe, and IIIa2.

Telular is building marketing materials to support the program; one of the key elements is "Wirelessly Protected" signage for alarm system owners to use. It's a message to burglars, they say, that even if the phone line is cut, customers' alarm signals will still be communicated. The company is also developing training materials about cellular technology, which Welsh said is absolutely necessary given the amount of confusion and even misinformation in the industry today about the future of some cellular protocols.

Dealers looking for more information on the Telguard Advantage Program can visit the dedicated dealer program website or call the Atlanta-based firm at 800-229-2326.