VUANCE Expands RAPTOR Projects

FRANKLIN, Wis. , Dec. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VUANCE, Ltd. (Nasdaq: VUNC), a leading provider of innovative Radio Frequency Verification Solutions, including active RFID, electronic access control, credentialing, accountability and incident...

FRANKLIN, Wis. , Dec. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VUANCE, Ltd. (Nasdaq: VUNC), a leading provider of innovative Radio Frequency Verification Solutions, including active RFID, electronic access control, credentialing, accountability and incident response management, today announced the expansion of its RAPTOR solution with two existing customers in the North Eastern United States. VUANCE's RAPTOR system is a smart card-based system and the industry's only solution that manages the skills, certifications and licenses (attributes) of the responders to emergencies and incidents without forcing states, counties and municipalities to adopt a single definition of what qualifications a specific type of responder must have. The RAPTOR system helps municipalities to improve interoperability between emergency services and critical infrastructure agencies.

Two existing customers, the Massachusetts Homeland Security Region V and Chester County, Pennsylvania , both expanded their use of the RAPTOR system. The Chester County agreement also provides opportunities for business in nearby Bucks and Montgomery counties. The additions are expected to generate approximately $500,000 in incremental revenue to VUANCE during 2008 and 2009.

These combined projects will involve nearly 500 public safety agencies, hospitals, volunteers, and National Citizen Corps programs, with a total participation of over 30,000 people.

Thomas Connell , VUANCE's Vice President for Government Solutions, commented, "These projects elevate the VUANCE RAPTOR system to the single largest credentialing system in use in the United States in terms of participating agencies. Although many of our competitors claim statewide initiatives and contracts, the VUANCE RAPTOR system has many more participants than any other solution in the industry, demonstrating the effectiveness and the ease of use of our offering. The level of acceptance we have received from our clients has been based on our ability to demonstrate a superior product with day-to-day applicability and our support team's in-depth understanding of the operational environment, given the fact that every member of our team has 10 or more years experience as emergency services professionals themselves."

RAPTOR provides command authorities with detailed scope of practice differences between responding jurisdictions and receiving jurisdictions, and operates in environments where there is no information connectivity or infrastructure, making it unique in the market. RAPTOR is also interoperable with all existing federal identity management programs.

Captain Scott Brooks , Operations Commander of the Dartmouth Police Department, added, "The increasing need to securely and effectively manage incidents and events has created the need for a credentialing system to identify and deploy resources. The user-friendly and versatile RAPTOR Credentialing System has paved the way of the future for resource management. The easily managed, easily accessed system provides critical resource information at a moment's notice during situations where time is of the essence."

Lieutenant Walter Crickard , Executive Lieutenant of the Mansfield Police Dept., added, "Our department was a little hesitant to change to the RAPTOR IDs, but now we are very happy that we did. The software is user-friendly, even for cops who break everything, and the support staff is phenomenal. Call for help and the problem is solved. The RAPTOR IDs are very secure, professional in appearance, and the officers truly appreciate the built-in personal benefits of the smart card technology. In today's world, you need identification with guaranteed security that offers more than a photo and a couple of generic descriptors. The RAPTOR ID with the smart card technology is it. This card tells the right people who you are and what you're qualified to do. And when things go bad it also carries your personal medical and contact information for you and your family, so if you can't speak for yourself the card has the answers. Everyone in public safety should carry these cards."

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