ioimage Video Analytics Protects $200M South African Eco-Park Residential Estate

HERZLIYA, Israel , December 16 /PRNewswire/ -- ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances designed for simplicity, announced that its video analytics solution was successfully implemented to protect South Africa's Xanadu Eco-Park from intruders and theft.

Located outside Pretoria at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, Xanadu is a $200M Eco-Park with a perimeter of eight kilometers. Its previous security system, which included electric fencing and CCD speed dome cameras, had proven inadequate, failing to detect perimeter breaches. The estate was looking for an impenetrable and robust perimeter security system that would function equally well day and night without disturbing the estate's ecological balance.

The security solution adopted by Xanadu was a combination of thermal imaging cameras and ioimage intelligent video devices. The system enables instant visual verification of every alarm, even in pitch darkness, and requires no floodlights, thus maintaining the estate's eco-friendly nature.

"The ioimage solution has proven itself time and again and we've already seen a significant return on investment," said Nick Grange of C3 Shared Services, who installed the system. "Now when an alarm sounds, control room operators can quickly dispatch a response team to the area where the intrusion was detected. False alarms have been drastically reduced since ioimage intelligent video filters out extraneous activity caused by small animals, swaying branches and flying debris."

"The estate's security has been vastly improved and we are now confident regarding the safety of our residents and their belongings," said Thys de Wet of Clarence De Wet Incorporated, Project Manager for Xanadu. "With numerous thefts already prevented, the ioimage system has more than paid for itself. We are currently extending the solution to a second phase of perimeter protection."

"This is a great example of how residential properties can be seamlessly retrofitted with ioimage video analytics to increase security and safety, as well as prevent theft," said Dvir Doron , Vice President of Marketing for ioimage. "Its extreme reliability and rapid return on investment make it the solution of choice to protect estates of all sizes."

About ioimage

ioimage, the pioneer of intelligent video appliances, provides high-performance video encoders and cameras with built-in self-sustained video analytics, designed and packaged for simplicity. ioimage offers a new approach to video security by transforming surveillance into a proactive, event-driven process. Founded in 2000, ioimage uses edge and centralized DSP-based devices for real-time detection, alert and tracking of intruders, vehicles and other threats, leading to enhanced safety and security for government, public and commercial organizations. Recognized as the world's market leader for intelligent cameras and encoders since 2005 with over 37 percent of the market, ioimage operates in 35 countries through a network of more than 100 partners. For further information, visit

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About C3 Shared Services (Pty) Ltd

C3 Shared Services (Pty) Ltd is the only applied business partner for ioimage in Sub Saharan Africa and specializes in the design and implementation of high-end perimeter security solutions and military grade intrusion detection systems. C3 Shared Services' directors have been involved in providing integrated electronic solutions for more than a decade; and as a result bring both a comprehensive and extensive wealth of knowledge in providing effective and working perimeter security solutions for high risk and high value areas. To date, C3 Shared Services (Pty) Ltd has had enormous success with numerous installations of ioimage's intelligent video analytics on various sites in South Africa such as residential estates, refineries, correctional facilities and car showrooms. For further information visit

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