Pelco outlines new business strategy

Picking up where they left off at ISC West, CCTV solutions manufacturer Pelco continues to hammer home the message that they have shifted their focus to developing IP and high definition surveillance solutions for their customers.

The company’s new business strategy was outlined Thursday by Craig Dahlman, director of technology synergy and Gerrit Hurenkamp, director of systems business unit.

“We want to drive to getting our customers more aligned with IP, because we feel, as our customers feel, the turn to IP happens when we can give them a value and the value they want is better picture quality,” Dahlman said.

Despite the company’s new focus on more IP and high definition-based systems, Hurenkamp says that they are still keeping their large analog customer base in mind.

“The route we have chosen is two-fold; first, within the analog space, there is not really an opportunity to upgrade to HD. If the customer wants HD, then no other option than IP exists,” “However, we have a very strong focus on making it possible for customers to migrate. We have various ways to upgrade by using encoders. So, even people who have made an investment in all analog will still be supported by Pelco. We have no plans of getting rid of our analog line. The main focus is making sure that we meet the needs of the IP market, while at the same time providing a migration path for our existing analog customers.”

Dahlman added that one of the ways Pelco is getting its customers to make the transition to IP and subsequently HD is showing them a return of their investment. Pelco’s IP and HD cameras not only give users enhanced picture quality, but also provide them the ability to do more with fewer cameras through analytic technology.

Because video content analytics consume so much power when they are done using core processing and can put a strain on a surveillance system, Hurenkamp said that Pelco has moved analytics to the edge and placed the technology right in the cameras. The company is also focused on making their IP and HD solutions flexible and scalable.

According to Dahlman, Pelco has been “actively participating” in the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) and the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF).

“We believe that our customers want us to give them HD end-to-end solutions because they want better picture quality, they want higher zoom rates, they want field content analysis that is effective and they want them to be integrated into other systems and we drive our HD end-to-end to provide all three of those (criteria),” Dahlman concluded.