Scallop Imaging's Digital Window Brings Cost Effective, High Resolution to Security and Surveillance Cameras

Seven Megapixel Camera Head Significantly Exceeds Industry Standard; Records in High Resolution Throughout 180 Degrees, Without Fisheye Distortion

BOSTON , Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Scallop Imaging, the leader in high resolution video camera technology, today debuted Digital Window, a seven megapixel surveillance camera that records in high resolution throughout its 180 degree field of view, without fisheye distortion. At all times, the Digital Window camera, processing over 100 megapixels per second, provides a 180 degree full situational awareness image, plus an instantly slewing zoom window, all with full motion video, over one Ethernet connection.

A single 180 degree Digital Window camera feeding into one DVR port can replace multiple conventional cameras for most security applications, enabling significant cost savings and faster ROI upon deployment. Customers benefit from an extraordinary increase in capability, at lower cost and lower bandwidth requirements than present IP camera solutions. The Digital Window camera delivers a down-sampled 180 degree situational awareness view simultaneously with a full resolution zoom window.

Digital Window also offers:

"Television news programs routinely air crime scene videos of such poor quality that investigators turn to the public for help identifying possible subjects, whose facial and other identifying features are not clear. Digital Window is an affordable solution that offers resolution high enough for faces and other characteristics to be distinct," said Peter Jones , CEO of Scallop Imaging. "Digital Window also has the advantage of providing high resolution throughout its 180 degree field of view, and uses cutting edge H.264 video compression to stream video at low bandwidth to security DVRs - which is significant, given that most building infrastructures are not wired to accommodate high resolution, high megapixel video streaming."

According to industry analyst firm IMS Research, the 2009 market for megapixel security cameras could reach 500,000 units shipped, as new vendors enter the market, and costs decrease. IMS Research also notes "...the biggest issue...(is) the volume of data produced, which demands more bandwidth and storage volume."

Digital Window will be available in 2009 to security and surveillance video camera manufacturers on an OEM basis. For more information, contact Scallop Imaging at 617-443-4900 and, or visit

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