New courthouse planned for Delano, Calif.

DELANO, Calif. -- The Kern County courthouse on Jefferson Street in downtown Delano serves residents from McFarland, Richgrove, Vineland and other smaller outlying rural communities but it is overcrowded, officials said.

Two sites are being considered for a new courthouse. One is on Wollomes Avenue and Lexington Street. The other site is on Glenwood Street and 11th Avenue on the east side of state Highway 99.

"It just gives them the space that is needed. Those that are waiting to go to court won't have to wait as long because there would be more facilities available," said Sam Ramirez, Delano City Councilmember.

The new courthouse would include three courtrooms, space for court administration, court clerk, court security operations and holding, and building support space.

The estimated cost for a new courthouse is $41.924 million, without financing and including land costs. This is based on a project of approximately 39,780 square feet with 135 surface parking spaces.

The design phase likely will begin next fall, with construction to last from spring 2013 to fall 2014.

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