Researchers: IP video growth outpaces analog

Some might say it is a case of stating the obvious, but analysts from IMS Research are pleased to note that growth of IP video surveillance is expected to outpace growth of analog video surveillance this year.

The researchers have predicted an overall video surveillance market growth of 3 percent in 2009, with analog video sales staying flat and IP video sales up 15 percent. IMS Research based the numbers on tracking data from publicly traded IP video surveillance firms and data provided by private firms directly to IMS. Although the research was global, IMS found "strong growth in the Americas market for IP video surveillance equipment." IMS also found a strong uptake of IP video in the Middle East which was attributed to a high number of "Greenfield" construction projects.

In announcing the research, IMS analyst Gary Wong made a bold statement when noting in a press release about his research that "security consultants and integrators operating in the Middle East are generally more IT savvy than their European and US counterparts." Despite that increased savvyness, Wong's research notes that some regions in the Middle East, notably Dubai, experienced downturns in 2009 due to a fall-off in construction, however he indicated that 2010 growth for the area would be strong.