SIA releases recommendations for use of biometrics in E-Verify program

Following a previous endorsement for the use of biometrics in the federal government’s E-Verify program, the Security Industry Association released a set of recommendations on Monday for the technology’s implementation.

In a statement, the SIA said the recommendations are intended to help safeguard privacy and prevent identity theft. The E-Verify program is designed to confirm an individual’s legal work status after their employment.

Among some of recommendations include:

- Use biometrics to bind an individual to a credential associated with an identity based on presented biometric data and identity documents, which will be associated with a vetted Social Security number.

- Use biometric authentication of the applicant, post-enrollment, with each subsequent verification of application for employment.

- Avoid unnecessary distribution of biometric data by encoding biometric data to a smart card for possession by the person associated with the data.

"Biometrics are the most accurate way of determining if people are who they say they are," said MorphoTrak’s Robert Horton, chairman of SIA’s Biometric Employment Verification Working Group. "Adding biometrics to E-Verify would enhance privacy, reduce the risk of identity theft and increase the effectiveness of the program."

Click here to read a PDF version of the SIA’s full list of recommendations.