PSIA releases compliance tools for IP media device specification

Supporters say presence of compliance checks will encourage more vendors to implement PSIA's standards

Johnston and Petkevich were clear that PSIA conformance tools check only basic camera functions and connectivity. The tool ensures that a VMS can recognize a camera, control it and capture the video from the camera. What it doesn't do is check through all of the additional features that vendors can add to their cameras to make them unique for their customers. Petkevich said the specification certainly doesn't preclude vendors from adding richer feature sets.

"This is testing the lowest common denominator," Petkevich said. "We want to confirm that we can get the basic communication going. Advanced features will come in the future [to the specification]."

Rhianna Daniels, who handles media communications for the PSIA, said she would expect that all of the companies who have been involved with creating the IP Media Device specification will fairly rapidly test products with the conformance tools. The conformance tools are available for all PSIA members, including the newly added "User" member level, and non-members can check their products against the PSIA specification by paying to access the conformance tools.

Petkevich said that as PSIA releases newer versions of its specification, the conformance tools will be updated as well. The compliance tool is available from PSIA through the organization's website He added that compliance check tools are planned for additional PSIA specifications (e.g., access control) once those specifications are finalized and ratified.