Visualant acquires TransTech Systems

Seattle-based Visualant, a manufacturer of authentication solutions, announced earlier this week that it has acquired access control and authentication systems distributor TransTech Systems.

According to Visualant CEO Ron Erickson, the acquisition is a part of the company's growth strategy to push its proprietary Spectrum Pattern Matching technology to the market.

"TransTech is dealing with customers in the authentication and security marketplace. They have broad distribution to people that care about security and authentication, so (TransTech) is our eyes and ears out into the customer world as move our SPM technology out into (the marketplace). That's how the acquisition fits for us. " he said.

As part of its growth strategy, Visualant is also looking to bring more companies into the fold.

"We are actively seeking additional acquisition opportunities (in the U.S.) and abroad," Erickson added.

Erickson said Visualant's SPM technology can identify color at a photon level and that identifier can then be put into a database to be used as an authenticator or diagnostic tool. To put it into perspective, human beings have three color receptors in the eyes while one of Visualant's devices using this SPM technology has 700 color receptors.

"We like to think of color as nature's fingerprint," he said.

In practical applications, this would enable law enforcement to identify a powdered substance such as cocaine or methamphetamine or provide security officials with the ability to quickly distinguish between a real and fake passports or access credentials.

Erickson said that TransTech's staff and management team will also remain in place. Financial terms of the deal are expected to be disclosed soon.