Disney clerk accused of credit card skimming


Authorities said a Walt Disney World employee used skimming devices at several of the resort’s hotels to steal credit card information from guests.

According to federal documents, the victims had used their credit cards at Saratoga Springs Resort and Old Key West Resort, both of which are owned by Disney.

Detectives said they recovered a skimming device from a computer used to check-in guests in at the front desk of Saratoga Springs. They said skimming devices steal card information for other uses and are often difficult to detect.

Investigators said they tracked the skimming device back to Ana Rosa, who said she had worked at Walt Disney World since 1997.

Detectives said she worked as a clerk at the front desk, checking in guests in and accepting payments.

According to investigators, Rosa was responsible for skimming 173 credit card numbers and is responsible for more than $83,000 in losses.

Rosa claimed she never used any of the card numbers that were taken. She told detectives she placed at least three skimming devices on computers at her work. She said she would periodically remove the devices and then turn them over to another man who had paid her. Rosa said the man still owes her money.

Rosa said the last skimmer was placed on a computer in November 2009. She entered a plea deal with authorities, which will require her to serve at least two years in prison.

Rosa’s sentencing is scheduled for June 30.

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