'Geezer Bandit' likely to strike again


The 'Geezer Bandit' has robbed his 12th bank, and a one security consultant told 10News said the bandit is likely to strike another bank.

"The old Geezer Bandit is nothing but bush league. He's a nothing," said Mike Alerich, a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's detective who has investigated many bank robberies and now works as a security consultant for banks.

When compared to other notorious bank robbers, the Geezer Bandit ranks alongside Jesse James and duo Bonnie and Clyde, who have each robbed 12 banks. John Dillinger robbed 24 banks, and 'Granddad Bandit' struck 21 banks.

Alerich said he's seen worse.

"There's many other bank robbers who've been captured, still on the loose who are good for 30, 40, 50, or 60 literally bank robberies before they stopped or caught or killed," he said.

Alerich said the Geezer Bandit will continue to rob until he is caught because Alerich believes the bandit is most likely an ex-con with a drug addiction, like most bank robbers.

"That's why they have to hit two to three banks a day," said Alerich, who also believes the Geezer Bandit has robbed more banks and possibly other businesses in a disguise or as himself.

The FBI will not release how much money the Geezer Bandit has gotten away with from his 12 known bank robberies.

Based on court documents from similar heists, robbers pulled in just under $4,200 per robbery but many get away with even more.

"I would say 5 to 7k," said Alerich.

Based on those figures and the number of banks the Geezer Bandit has hit, he could have stolen between $60,000 to $84,000.

"But he's snorting everything he has. He's not banking it. It's not an investment,” said Alerich.

The FBI dubbed the serial thief the Geezer Bandit because he appears to be in his 70s or 80s. Alerich is convinced the bandit is someone in a disguise.

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