DigitalBridge's(SM) Digital Warrants(TM) Program Meets Tremendous Success in Cook County Illinois Circuit Court; Slashes Warrant

OREM, Utah , Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- DigitalBridge(SM), the leader in protected information sharing technologies and solutions for digital ecosystems, today announced that it is deploying its Digital Warrants(TM) solution in two additional Cook...

The Digital Packet Technology solution is driven by the DigitalFusion(TM) Platform, which enables the centralized or distributed implementation of a protected information sharing solution. The DigitalFusion Platform is truly innovative and unmatched in the marketplace. The platform allows the Digital Information Packet solutions of DigitalBridge to securely gather data, media, and documents related to a person, place, thing, or event from multiple disparate databases within a digital ecosystem into an intelligent document, legible both to humans and machines.

The result of the Bench Warrant Pilot Project for the Cook County Circuit Court is the most robust and advanced warrant delivery system in the world, with streamlined processes and substantially reduced costs. Yet, perhaps the most invaluable benefit of the program is that law enforcement officials are now free from pushing paperwork and can return to the streets to fight crime.

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