The security week that was: 11/20/09

Acquisitions dominate the industry

Last week I shared my thoughts on how GE Security could fit into UTC Fire & Security after that major acquisition announcement. Then this week we find out that Adesta is being sold to G4S. Adesta is a systems integration business with a very strong reputation in the petrochemical and maritime areas (though these are by no means the limits of what this company does).

What's interesting about this acquisition is that Adesta CEO Bob Sommerfeld told SIW that "There isn't much overlap in North America; together Adesta and G4S will mesh the best of our services into the finest possible products and solutions available." Unlike the GE/UTC deal, where there was a fair bit of product overlap (on the access control side), this gives G4S a real expansion possibility. It also sounds like things aren't going to change greatly at Adesta.

Sommerfeld says it could even help grow Adesta and that no one should expect significant changes in how Adesta operates:

"Adesta anticipates significant employee growth opportunities and new job creation; the Adesta leadership and management team will remain the same."

Look for more analysis of the G4S-Adesta deal in SIW's Tuesday e-newsletters.

Black Friday: It's not too late
Security2LP's Curtis Baillie gives safety tips for retail managers

Retailers, it's not too late to come up with a plan for next Friday, aka Black Friday. Curt Baillie, a security management consultant who spent much of his previous life managing security and loss prevention operations for retail businesses, throws out some great tips for Black Friday retailers in his Security2LP blog. Among the ideas: Get management out there to communicate with the crowd. Entertain the crowd. Rent good quality barricades. Give simple maps of the store so that customers know where things are and can be more orderly in their approach. Read his blog post "Black Friday Lessons Learned" to get more tips, or join his discussion thread on this same topic in our Loss Prevention forums.

Fort Hood incident gets reviews
Plus, could a school violence assessment program be a model for adult world?

The Fort Hood massacre is going to get many reviews. There will be a review from Congress and we just learned that the Pentagon is planning its own review. The key for both of these reviews will be to look at how well the military recognizes internal threats. It reminded me greatly of what Dewey Cornell presented in a recent webinar on school violence. Cornell is the director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project which seeks to identify potential student threats before they become real. His threat assessment approach is well-documented in that webinar, and I think it is applicable beyond schools, and could be applied to military bases and corporate businesse environments.

In other news:
IPUserGroup roadshow, SIAC dispatch awards, Video surveillance reality check

SIW assistant editor Joel Griffin covers the IPUserGroup USA's Atlanta road show with a look at how vendors are promising ROI. ... SIAC is accepting applications for the 5th Annual Police Dispatch Quality Award. ... The ISO has established new risk management standards. ... Bosch's Dr. Bob Banerjee is known for honestly assessing the video surveillance industry, and he does so this week for as he kicks off a multi-part series titled "Video Surveillance Reality Check." Look for future installments in coming weeks, as we get "reality checks" from other industry leaders.