Digital Sandbox Marks 10 Years of Delivering Risk-Management Solutions

MCLEAN, Va. , Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Northern Virginia -based Digital Sandbox, Inc. recently celebrated its tenth year of providing advanced risk-management software and analysis services to U.S. national security, homeland security, and state and local public safety organizations. The company was founded in 1998 by Anthony F. Beverina and Bryan S. Ware after winning a competition against National Labs and multi-billion dollar government integrators. As explained by Ware and Beverina, the Digital Sandbox solution for analyzing the risk of terrorist attacks against U.S. interests worldwide proved to be the most innovative.

"At the time, the pressure was mounting on the federal government to get a better handle on the growing risk of terrorism," remembered Ware, company CEO. "We came in with a fresh look at the problem and in an innovative, analytics-based way to understand where and how we were at risk."

"Our products and go-to-market strategies look totally different today, but the influence of our early thinking and innovation is unmistakable," added Beverina, company president. "From the start, our algorithms and methods were designed to accommodate the growing needs of our clients, allowing them to also manage the risks of natural hazards such as hurricanes and floods." Beverina noted that, along with the innovative adaptability of its algorithms, Digital Sandbox holds three U.S. patents in analytic risk management and has others pending, all of which have evolved from the company's initial innovations.

Since 1998, Digital Sandbox has received multiple rounds of venture investment and has stocked its board with industry veterans. The company has grown significantly and has delivered products and solutions to organizations from the Department of Defense, intelligence community, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security, as well as state and local governments, and commercial industry. Its solutions support a diverse set of uses, including strategic allocation of $3B+ in Homeland Security grants annually, along with the latest effort -- operational risk management for Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Florida in February 2009 .

"Digital Sandbox clients face a daunting array of risks to their people, assets, and operations," explains CTO Robert S. Kerr , himself a founding member of the company. "Our software and analytics help them assemble all available information, which can then be combined with the data we generate about threats and hazards. The result for our clients is the clearest possible risk picture, which informs what they can do to best mitigate the situation."

As further explained by Kerr, Digital Sandbox's patented analytics are delivered to clients either through the company's flagship software suite, Site Profiler(R), or through managed risk services. The latest version of Site Profiler(R), version 4.4, is at the heart of the company's highly regarded Risk Analysis Center (RAC), which was rolled out last year, and allows organizations or jurisdictions to implement comprehensive risk management programs. According to Kerr, it provides an unmatched means of collecting, analyzing, and reporting risk data, and is fully supported by constantly updated homeland security information and interpretation from Digital Sandbox risk industry experts.

"The RAC gives us a highly flexible way to deliver managed risk services," explains Beverina. "Our state and local customers tend to use Site Profiler to manage their data collection, analysis, and reporting of risk information, but still need our expert counsel to help them interpret risk results to apply for funding, allocate resources, and plan security and response operations. Federal and commercial clients tend to leverage our analytics through a managed services arrangement where Digital Sandbox analysts and customer analysts work together to solve their strategic risk management challenges." Beverina further noted that the RAC gives Digital Sandbox the means to serve individual client needs, cross-feeding ideas and methods throughout federal, state, and local governments, as well as commercial markets.

"In the late 90s, the idea of automating risk analysis was practically heresy, but we believed we could do it with our new analytic ideas and a strong commitment to building products the right way." said Linwood Hudson , director of product engineering and also a company co-founder. "By leveraging commercial technology, Digital Sandbox has been able to integrate with geospatial systems and other enterprise systems to find exciting new ways to help our clients manage risk."

Digital Sandbox provides analytic tools and information products to government agencies and large enterprises, enabling them to optimize their strategic, policy, and budgetary decisions against terrorism and natural hazard risks. Since 1988, Digital Sandbox's analytic risk management solutions have helped customers in the National Security, Homeland Security, and Corporate Security fields to lower their risk exposure, increase their risk management budgets, and maximize their finite resources. Visit Digital Sandbox on the Web at .

SOURCE Digital Sandbox, Inc.