Plurality's 64-Core Accelerator Delivers Market's Highest Performance per Cost, Power and Size

GRENOBLE, France , December 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Plurality Ltd. today announced the industry's first complete silicon Intellectual Property (IP) solution for its HyperCore(TM) processor, the market's most powerful, space-saving and energy-efficient...

Today's announcement follows the November introduction of a comprehensive set of development tools, including a cycle-accurate simulator and a software emulator, for fast evaluation of an application written in C code. The tools permit a gradual path from exploring parallel decomposition with the emulator to using the simulator for precise evaluation of the performance of a system with up to 256 cores. They can be downloaded from

Pricing and product availability

The 64-core IP package is available immediately and will be delivered according to the requirements of the customer. Plurality offers training, support and design services for the target process according to the customer's specific configuration. Plurality will offer IP packages with or without automatic caching, with or without floating point units. Plurality will release an FPGA-based 64-core evaluation board during Q2, 2009. The company's first chip - with 64 cores - will be introduced during the second half of 2009, along with an acceleration board that includes the 64-core chip.

About Plurality

Plurality develops advanced silicon Intellectual Property, chips and acceleration boards for manycore processing. Plurality's IP is based on a scalable, easily-programmable, manycore processor that is positioned as a general-purpose accelerator. The processor delivers the highest performance per watt per square millimeter at the lowest cost of any currently available chip-level, shared-memory machine. The privately-funded company is headquartered in Netanya, Israel . HyperCore is a trademark of Plurality Ltd. For further information, please email or visit

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