China Security & Surveillance Technology CEO Signs Agreement to Restructure Personal Loan Payment

SHENZHEN, China , Dec. 3 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc. (NYSE: CSR; DIFX: CSR) ("CSR"), a leading provider of digital surveillance technology in China , today announced that as a follow up to the press release issued on November 18, 2008 , Whitehorse Technology Limited, a company wholly owned by Mr. Tu Guo Shen , Chief Executive Officer of CSR, signed an agreement with third party noteholders that are not affiliated with CSR to restructure the payment terms of U.S.$50,000,000 in aggregate principal amount of Exchangeable Senior Notes (the "Notes") due 2012.

The restructured Notes require ten installment payments in varying amounts during the period from November 2008 through June 2009 . Shares pledged by Whitehorse and Mr. Tu to collateralize the Notes will be released by the trustee for the Notes as installment payments are made as long as the requisite collateral to loan value is maintained. With each paid installment, shares will be returned to Whitehorse at the equivalent of three times the installment amount paid. During the repayment period, no further shares will be pledged regardless of current or future share price fluctuations. In addition, the noteholders agreed to refrain from declaring an event of default with respect to the Notes and to refrain from instructing the collateral agent to dispose of the pledged shares as a result of Whitehorse or Mr. Tu's failure to pledge additional collateral according to the terms of the original indenture and security agreement so long as the installment payments are made when due.

Mr. Tu, commented, "Restructuring the terms of the notes and obtaining the forbearance agreement as we did should provide CSR's shareholders with increased confidence. I have the personal financial ability to repay the loan in accordance with the restructured amortization schedule without any need to sell any of my CSR stock.

The intent of this original loan was to repurchase shares of CSR to demonstrate my commitment to CSR and express my belief that CSR's recent share price levels undervalue the company. The Notes were issued by Whitehorse and secured by my own holdings of CSR common stock. They did not result in any dilution of shares of common stock held by other CSR stockholders, interest on the Notes was paid by Whitehorse and CSR's net income was not affected in any way by my open market share purchase transactions."

CSR was not a party to any of the indenture and security agreements or any related agreements and did not make any representations, warranties or covenants in connection with the issuance of the Notes or any amendments to the Notes or other transaction documents.

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