TriMax and Veracity partnership adds flexibility for wireless nodes

Veracity and TriMax Wireless have announced a technology partnership which, by using Veracity's OUTREACH Plus, OUTREACH Quad and OUTSOURCE Plus devices with TriMax Wireless (TMAX), users can put wireless nodes past the 328-foot/100-meter limit. The technology partnership still supports full duplex signaling of 100 Mbps and Power over Ethernet "plus" (PoE Plus).

"For several years, our customers have been using OUTREACH and OUTSOURCE to deliver LAN and POE to IP devices at distances of 660 to well over 1,000 feet," explained Veracity's CEO Scott Sereboff. "The great challenge of using OUTREACH with a wireless access point was that the majority of wireless access points needed more than Class 3/0 Power over Ethernet and so OUTREACH was not a solution. With our new line of POE Plus devices delivering 25 watts, we can now provide POE to these wireless AP's as well as local area network, and we can do it at distances not easily achieved before."

Frank McCarthy, VP of Business Development at TriMax Wireless, said the use of Veracity's PoE devices gives the "the ability to essentially ignore distance when they are building out their wireless networks. Now, our customers can place their wireless nodes in locations they thought were too far away, and thereby create a better network with a more complete are of coverage."

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