Police, private security given access to ORCIN database

The Organized Retail Crime Investigator’s Network announced Wednesday that they are launching a complimentary online resource center and e-mail alert system for police and private security officers involved in retail crime investigations.

According to a statement issued by the non-profit, the new Web site will provide investigators with a secure forum to discuss issues related to retail crime, as well as post and receive alerts as it pertains to incidents in their area. Users will also have access to a member directory and the latest industry news.

"Right now information sharing between loss prevention security and police officers is very limited to who you know," said ORCIN Founder Rudy Bravo "This way, if you go onto the Web site and post information (about a retail crime) and send it, it will be sent out to all our members. So the more members sign up for this program, the more effective it’s going to be."

Only those who are screened and verified and loss prevention investigators and law enforcement officers will be given access to the site according to Bravo.

"We definitely don’t want just anybody on there to be able to receive this type of information because it is sensitive at times. We want to be able to limit to just people in this particular field," he said.

For more information about the site and the services it offers, visit www.orcin.org.