iControl announces merger with uControl

iControl Networks, a provider of software solutions for the home management market, announced last week that it has entered into a merger agreement with rival uControl.

The company will retain the iControl Networks name and will be headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. Both iControl CEO Paul Dawes and uControl CEO Jim Johnson will remain in their current roles and serve as co-CEOs of the company.

"At the highest level, there was so much interest in both of our platforms and so many technical challenges to solve... and rather than develop separately, we thought it would be better just to combine our efforts to bring the best solution to the market with the combined platforms," said Johnson, explaining the motivation for the merger.

As opposed to many mergers where companies look for synergies between their firms as a way to best utilize their resources, Johnson said the newly combined iControl is looking for ways to grow the company.

"Right now, I think we are looking to hire and that will continue," he said. "There is so much opportunity for our platform and so many things we needed to do to expand the reach for the platforms, that right now the focus is on adding to the team and going and addressing the next set of functionality that both of our customer sets are looking for."

Johnson said that iControl currently has a combination of over 100 people, both employees and contractors, working on the company's home management technology.

"We're developing a platform that will be used not only by the traditional home security folks that we work with, but also the new entrants into the space such as the broadband service providers, cable companies and the telephone companies," Johnson explained.

The iControl platform, which allows users to view and control their security and energy systems via the Internet or a mobile device, was recently adopted by ADT as a part of the company's Pulse interactive home solution. Johnson said he anticipates the announcement of launches with several cable and telecommunications firms in the near future.

"The market (for home management solutions) is real and happening now," Johnson said. "We believe that when you add the ability to control thermostats, the ability to control your lights and the ability to view cameras remotely that this appeals to a much larger segment of the market."