Canadian airport installs T-DAR access control systems

Detections systems provider Newton Security recently announced that it has partnered with systems integrator SimplexGrinnell to install its T-DAR access control system at employee entrance/exit points at Winnipeg International Airport in Canada.

According to a statement issued by the company, seven T-DAR mantrap systems, which identify and prevent incidents of tailgating and piggybacking, are being installed at the airport.

"Integrating the airports new access control system with the T-DAR access control system meets the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority requirements and cuts costs by eliminating the need for guard posts at the secure employee pathways," said Dean Bousquet, project manager at SimplexGrinnell. "The system validates the credentials of an employee with security operations center to control the doors in the mantrap. An employee scans his or her access card to get through the first door then an iris scanner is used to validate the employee within the mantrap to pass through to the secure area."

The project is expected to be completed by August.