Missouri dealer launches mobile surveillance partnership

May 25, 2010 -- Missouri-based security dealer Hackett Security (www.hackettsecurity.com) announced today that the company has partnered with commercial generator distributor CK Power to produce mobile surveillance units. According to a statement jointly issued by the two companies, the units will include a camera that can be raised to 30 feet off the ground. Cameras will offer pan, tilt zoom capabilities, and can be wirelessly accessed. The systems, which are fully mobile and mounted on trailers, are designed so that they can be used for construction sites, sporting events and situations where crowd control and crowd surveillance is necessary.

The system will be powered by a generator that can run without interruption for 30 days. Hackett Security, which will be reselling the units, said it expects the units to sell for about $30,000 and will likely have 12-20 units in the field within the next 12 months.

Besides security systems and fire alarm installation and the new mobile video surveillance unit project, Hackett Security operates a UL-listed central station. The company, which has operated since 1977, primarily serves the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, as well as the southwestern part of Illinois and southeastern Missouri.