Pelco, Feeling Software integrate solutions

ATLANTA, Nov. 6, 2009 - CCTV solutions manufacturer Pelco announced Thursday that a wide range of its IP-based cameras and encoders have been integrated with Canada-based Feeling Software’s Omnipresence 3D and iGuard solutions.

First used by the geospatial and gaming industries, Feeling Software’s technology uses CCTV cameras to generate a 3D surveillance map of a facility. Among the Pelco products to feature Feeling Software solutions includes the NET5301T encoder, IP110 camera, IP3701 camera, Spectra IV IP camera, Spectra Mini IP camera, and Sarix megapixel cameras.

“Pelco cameras are easy to integrate and work with: Their specification is thorough and easy to understand. They had multiple good choices for interacting with the camera and we chose the one that fits our solution best,” said Guillaume Laforte, vice president of research and development for Feeling Software.

According to a statement issued by Pelco, Feeling Software will continue to add support for new Pelco products, including its new Endura VMS platform in the near future.