SIA to seek infrastructure security funding from feds

The Security Industry Association announced its legislative priorities for 2009 this week, most of which include seeking funds to help secure the country’s infrastructure.

Specifically, the group’s legislative goals for the year include:

• Securing funds for the Student Safety and Campus Emergency Management grant program
• To have congress enact the School Safety Enhancements Act and appropriate $50 for the program in 2010.
• Retain $400 million for the Port Security Grant Program for 2010.
• Secure $900 million in 2010 for Transportation Security Grant program and have those funds given directly to local transit authorities without matching requirements.
• Gain support and allocation of funds for securing facilities that contain dangers chemicals, diseases, etc.
• Help secure additional funds for healthcare facilities to conduct security assessments and purchase security solutions.
• And, achieve support for legislation that seeks participation from DHS in the development of technology standards by the private industry.

“The recent economic stimulus law failed to recognize that many schools, hospitals and other critical facilities remain ‘soft targets’ for criminals and terrorists,” SIA Director of Government Relations Don Erickson said in a prepared statement. “By fully funding the programs identified in our legislative priorities, Congress can help to make millions of the most vulnerable Americans safer.”