Integrated Biometrics partners with DSX Access and Kaba Mas

South Carolina-based Integrated Biometrics is teaming up with some of the top names in access control to build biometrics into access control and locking devices. The company announced this week that it has formed integration partnerships with both DSX Access Systems and Kaba Mas.

With Kaba Mas, Integrated Biometrics has worked to add fingerprint biometrics for the Kaba Mas SmartPoint Electronic Lock System used on safes. According to Kaba Mas marketing director Stephen Pollack, the integration of biometrics is useful for "business with high employee turnover, or those giving multiple employees access to store assets."

With DSX, Integrated Biometrics has worked to integrate the company's own TRU650 networked biometric door access control system in to DSX's enterprise access control systems. The move allows DSX users to more readily upgrade their access control systems to accommodate biometric authentication for access.

The TRU650 is certified by the National Biometric Security Project, a process which involves real-world types of testing.

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