Norbain hosts ‘IP Open Day’

Following on the heels of several successful workshops held last year, UK-based surveillance and security solutions distributor Norbain held an “IP Open Day” Tuesday to demonstrate the uses of current and emerging IP technologies.

According to a statement issued by the company, many of the event’s attendees felt that they had increased their knowledge substantially about IP-based solutions and that their time spent out of the office for the day was well worth it. Among the manufacturers that participated in the open day included Axis Communications, Sony, Pelco, EScon, Milestone, and Vista.

"After speaking with previous attendees and with customers, we realized that a more advanced series of workshops was required," said Marie Kemshall, events manager for Norbain in a prepared statement. "The fear-factor of IP now appears to be over, and installers are now interested in learning exactly what the technology offers and what it can do for them."