Optelecom-NKF and Foxstream Form Video Content Analytics Alliance

GERMANTOWN, Md. , Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Optelecom-NKF, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPTC), a leading global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions, today strengthened its Alliance Program by announcing a new partnership with Foxstream, a leading provider of advanced intelligent video content analysis software.

Optelecom-NKF and Foxstream have worked closely together since early 2008 to make the FoxVigi Video Content Analysis (VCA) Software Suite fully interoperable with all Optelecom-NKF Siqura(R) surveillance solutions. Joint customers can now bring compressed video content from Siqura(R) C-series and S-series video codecs (MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and Motion JPEG) to a central location where FoxVigi embedded video analytics functions, such as motion detection, anti-intrusion detection, people counting, object detection, and classification are deployed to strengthen video surveillance security for critical infrastructures.

"This partnership with Foxstream is very important to Optelecom-NKF," said Roger Decker , Product Marketing Director at Optelecom-NKF. "Our customers asked for interoperability with 3rd party vendors so we made it one of our highest priorities in 2008. We are working hard to forge relationships with recognized industry leaders, like Foxstream."

"Foxstream is proud to add the Optelecom-NKF company to its manufacturing and Soft Editor Partner Network," said Jean Baptiste Ducatez, CEO of Foxstream. "The partnership enables both companies to offer customers an integrated intelligent video surveillance system."

Optelecom-NKF and its Alliance Partners are committed to providing customers with ease of integration and peace of mind through an open-systems approach based on standards and proven documented interoperability.

About Optelecom-NKF

Optelecom-NKF, Inc. (Nasdaq: OPTC), is a global supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions, including IP cameras, video servers/codecs, network video recorders, fiber transmission equipment, video management, and video analytics software. We deliver complete solutions for traffic monitoring and security of airports, seaports, casinos, prisons, utilities, public transit, city centers, hospitals, and corporate campuses.

Founded in 1972, Optelecom-NKF is committed to providing its customers with expert technical advice and support in addition to products that are developed and tested for professional and mission critical applications. All Optelecom-NKF IP surveillance solutions are marketed under the Siqura(R) name.

The Optelecom-NKF corporate headquarters is in Germantown, Maryland , USA, with European corporate offices in Gouda, the Netherlands , and sales offices or support covering Latin America , France , Spain , the UK, Germany , Italy , Dubai , and Singapore .

Investor inquiries should be directed to Mr. Rick Alpert at +1 301-948-7872.

About Foxstream

Foxstream is specialized in intelligent video software. The Foxstream technology enables to transform video surveillance into a proactive and event oriented monitoring system. The Foxstream software solutions thus classify, select the events, and alert the user in real time according to the user defined rules and state-of-the-art technology in artificial intelligence. Foxstream proposes innovative solutions around outdoor intrusion detection, objects counting, crowd management, left objects and plates recognition to meet the security requirements of the industrial and public sectors.

Thanks to the high performance and the reliability of its solution, Foxstream has numerous prestigious references in the public and private worlds, as Airbus industrial sites, the Eiffel Tower in Paris , several airports in Europe , railway stations, Airforce fighter planes.

The Foxstream headquarters are located in France .

Further inquiries should be directed to i.quinson@foxstream.fr

SOURCE Optelecom-NKF, Inc.