Kentucky library to install 3M security system

The Cynthiana-Harrison Public Library announced that it will deploy an RFID (radio frequency identification) security system from 3M Library Systems this fall.

Cynthiana is the seat of Harrison County in northern Kentucky, about 30 miles northeast of Frankfort, the state capital.

3M said it will install two Series 8900 single-corridor detection units that use RFID technology to help ensure that circulation items have been properly checked out. Each item will be affixed with an RFID tag, which stores the item's identity and transaction experience, and communicates information using radio waves. An item that has not been checked out will trigger a signal.

Tagging of some 50,000 circulation items has begun, and installation is expected to be completed by the end of November.

"Our immediate need was to improve security with respect to items lost," said Barnes. "However, we know that RFID also is used to enhance productivity in libraries, and we are examining that for the near term."

Rory Yanchek, 3M Track and Trace Solutions general manager, said loss prevention is an increasingly critical concern for public libraries as budgets come under growing pressure in the face of expanding demand for services. "Libraries are recognizing that RFID helps make their circulating collections more secure, while also enabling greater productivity in serving the public, with tools such as SelfCheck Systems."

3M Library Systems provides security, productivity and information management solutions.