IMS Research makes surveillance industry predictions for 2012

Refocus on image quality, new emerging growth markets among the top forecasted trends

8) Increased innovations in the VMS market

IMS predicts that the established providers of video management systems will have to "1) maintain and increase presence in the upper market tier and 2) grow in the middle and lower tiers of the market," if they want continue to see high growth rates. The firm said it predicts that VMS vendors will work on several innovations over the next year including user interface, mobile applications, and situational awareness.

9) Advancements in video compression technology

While H.264 has become the industry standard for video compression, IMS says that the flooding in Thailand, the current economic climate and the growth of HD and megapixel cameras could lead to increased innovation in compression technology.

10) The concept of the Internet of Things (IOT) and its prevalence in China

This concept, which involves the electronic identification and categorization of individual objects in an "Internet-like structure," could significantly impact the market, especially in China, which has installed numerous cameras over the past decade, according to IMS. "It is questionable whether IOT will drive new investment into security cameras. However, the expected benefits of IOT will help justify public expenditure on video surveillance equipment. IOT will be an interesting subject for those in video surveillance to monitor in future years," the report said.

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