Lockheed Martin Expands Registration for Intelligence Analysis Training

NEWINGTON, Va. , Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Lockheed Martin announced today that beginning in October registration for private intelligence analysis training courses will be significantly expanded. Intelligence analysis training is now being extended to the law enforcement community and U.S. citizens employed by federal or state governments, and U.S. corporations or organizations engaged in intelligence and security.

The classes, conducted in Newington at the Lockheed Martin Center for Security Analysis, are still available to the U.S. military, federal government, or any other organization within the intelligence community.

"The decision to expand our registration is in response to the growing demand for individually-focused expert training on analysis and data mining tools," said Erik Kleinsmith , Lockheed Martin Program Manager for this initiative. "Organizations outside the intelligence community were unable to register for the classes in the past and similar training is often too expensive or unavailable for those wanting to participate as an individual."

Corporations or organizations can cut costs by taking advantage of the option to register for single seats within a class as opposed to the past, when they only had the option to enroll a large group of employees.

Courses in Critical Thinking, Counterterrorism, Asymmetric Threat Operations and Strategic Intelligence & Homeland Security will be the first classes opened to the public. Enrollment can be on a group or individual basis.

Critical Thinking -- Critical thinking is examined as a tool to produce reasoned, mission directed analytical results. The course facilitates and enhances individual critical thinking skills through reflective thinking, systematic questioning, and critical reading.

Counter-Terrorism -- Explores analytical techniques for the purpose of countering and defeating terrorism. The course focuses on learning to analyze, interpret, and apply threat-profiling techniques to vast amounts of terrorism data, and produce a multi-discipline intelligence product in accordance with current intelligence community needs.

Asymmetric Threat Operations -- Gives a foundational understanding of the myriad of non-conventional threats that the public faces today. The course concentrates on the goals and methods of insurgency operations, guerilla warfare, terrorism, and humanitarian operations.

Strategic Intelligence & Homeland Security -- This course is designed for Homeland Security and other enterprise employees in order to develop a broad understanding of strategic intelligence. It prepares intelligence, law enforcement and security professionals, and interested public parties to understand and support missions including securing our homeland, defending the citizenry, and protecting the national infrastructure.

The training program plans to eventually expand beyond the four courses and is currently pursuing accreditation. Additional class information and registration instructions are available at http://tinyurl.com/4c9pb8. Class sizes are limited and registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

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SOURCE Lockheed Martin