WINA launches information site on wireless networks

The Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) has announced the launch of the website to serve as an information source on industrial wireless networking.

According to the alliance, "there has been no single resource that provides wireless networking information for industrial applications, making research a challenge for end users because of the fast pace of technology advances, new applications and standards. WINA’s website will be used to communicate the association’s work on wireless solutions by industry and by application, and keep members of industry informed about standards developments and upcoming technical conferences through forums, discussion boards, and webinars."

The WINA information website comes during a period of increased growth for industrial wireless applications serving automated processes. According to WINA, industry projections indicate that the market for installing wireless technology would hit $4.6 billion by 2012. Much of that adoption of wireless has been driven by the cost-savings of not having to run traditional cabled/wired connections.

The Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance is a group formed of companies promoting wireless technologies in the industrial environment. The group's mission is the educate the industrial community about wireless benefits. The members include end-user companies, wireless equipment manufacturers, suppliers, industry organization, software developers and systems integrators. The organization is part of the Automation Federation.

“We invite the community to explore the site, ask questions, and join WINA in building a community that shares ideas and experiences that underscore the wide range of applications for industrial wireless,” said WINA President Ian McPherson.