Sensormatic acquires Vue Technology

Acquisition adds item-level RFID software and inventory tracking solutions

"Another example is in terms of managing fitting rooms," noted Clements. "Retailers can’t put cameras in fitting rooms, but they want to know what’s coming in and going out of a fitting room. RFID can identify very specifically what is coming in and going out of those fitting rooms."

Clements and Locke both noted that item-level RFID has applications both for real-time responses of stocking and loss prevention, but the data it collects can also be used to give retail managers insight into their business.

Vue has sold its technology primarily via the return on investment that a retailer can receive. Locke says that some customers have seen ROI within six months. Others, he note, have seen sales increases of up to 25 percent simply because they have the right product in the right place on the right shelf.

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