RADWIN Chosen for Video Surveillance Transmission Project in Kosovo

TEL AVIV, Israel , October 6 /PRNewswire/ -- RADWIN (http://www.radwin.com), a leading global provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced that the Ferronikeli mining plant in Kosovo deployed its systems for video surveillance transmission. RADWIN's systems transmit high-resolution video from the plant's entryways and fence lines to a control center, enabling Ferronikeli to boost the level of security in the plant and reduce theft and vandalism. Treo Electronics, a leading turnkey security firm and RADWIN's partner, was in charge of project implementation.

Shar Morina , Treo Electronics' General Manager, stated: "RADWIN's exceptional equipment and expertise have been key to the success of this project. We installed RADWIN's systems in multiple point-to-point formation and they transmit video in real-time with high image quality 24/7. Even though there's a strong magnetic field in the plant, RADWIN's systems operate perfectly. No less important, RADWIN's systems are extremely cost-effective in comparison with alternative solutions."

Roni Weinberg , RADWIN's Chief Operating Officer, said: "Wireless technology is emerging as the most viable option for video surveillance transmission. It's a very cost-effective technology that can be deployed instantly, eliminating the need for cables to be laid or roads to be dug up. Our point-to-point and multiple point-to-point systems meet rigorous security demands - overcoming non line-of-sight challenges, providing long-range coverage, and easily withstanding harsh environmental conditions - all critical capabilities for security and safety applications like remote security surveillance. We are seeing worldwide demand for video surveillance solutions, and are proud to add Ferronikeli to our extensive customer base."


RADWIN delivers wireless backhaul and broadband access solutions in the sub-6GHz space, empowering carriers and service providers to connect subscribers everywhere. Whether voice, data, or video streaming, the company provides wireless broadband solutions of unrivaled performance, capacity, range, and quality at competitive prices. Established in 1997, RADWIN has installations in over 110 countries around the world.


About Ferronikeli

The Ferronikeli ore mining and metallurgical complex was set up in 1984 to produce ferro-nickel for exports. Ferronikeli has three open pit mines: the Dushkaja mine with estimated reserves of 6.2 million tones; the Suka mine - 0.8 million tonnes and the Gllavica with 6.8 million tones. All the mines in the complex were covered last year with exploration and exploitation license by the Ministry of Energy and Mining of Kosovo .

Treo Electronics

Treo Electronics is a leading turnkey security firm providing advanced security and management systems. The company specializes in CCTV systems and access control and monitoring systems.