IT security fears snarl business innovation

The results of two new research initiatives from IT security solutions provider RSA show that concerns about IT security is stifling innovation at 80 percent or businesses worldwide.

One of the studies, entitled “Innovation and Security: Collaborative or Combative,” was conducted by market research firm IDC and focused on how these fears are impacting organizations, while the second study, titled “Mastering the Risk/Reward Equation: Optimizing Information Risks to Maximize Business Innovation Rewards,” surveyed security executives to find out what type of strategies they’re implementing to address the issue.

"Today’s businesses cannot grow in the absence of a healthy environment for the realization of new innovations," said IDC Vice President Chris Christiansen in a prepared statement. "It’s evident that in spite of some good progress , the relationship between innovation and security is still very strained."

Among the recommendations to help aid businesses to achieving a balance between security and innovation include:

• Moving the focus from just simply IT security to "information risk management."
• Use a cross organizational approach.
• Building a risk assumption model.
• And, creating a repeatable process for making risk/reward calculations for new initiatives.