VeriTainer Shielding Detection Patent Issued in Singapore

SAN FRANCISCO , Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane mounted maritime security solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a very important new patent in Singapore . This patented technology opens a new chapter in the company's efforts to provide the most safe, effective and efficient maritime security products to protect against potential "dirty bombs" and international terrorism. The addition of new specialized radiological detection technology to the already highly successful 'VeriSpreader'(tm) container scanning equipment, offers a solution to international safety, security and privacy concerns raised in the European Union and in the United States . Patent No. 136998 in the Singaporean Registry of Patents entitled "Inverse Ratio of Gamma-Ray and Neutron Emissions in the Detection of Radiation Shielding in Containers" was announced by the Singapore Patent Office last week. The grant date started March 31, 2008 .

"VeriTainer is firmly committed to seamless, accurate 100% nuclear and radiological scanning of every shipping container worldwide," said VeriTainer Chairman and CEO John I. Alioto . "This new patent introduces a new product in the company's suite of maritime security solutions -- automatic shielding discovery in passive radiation scanning. It highlights our role as a critical layer for detection of nuclear sources and shielding that might be used to hide them. Now we are moving forward with zero operational impact shielding determination as well. As with all of our Intellectual Property, we have filed applications in virtually every cooperative jurisdiction around the world, and we are very pleased to receive this patent award, especially from Singapore , which boasts the largest single port in the world."

The VeriSpreader(tm) System is a crane mounted radiation detection solution (CMS), which is seamlessly integrated into the spreader bar of the container crane. Portside cranes are the natural operational portal through which all incoming and outgoing containers must pass. The VeriSpreader(tm) System is perfectly situated for high volume, zero impact, primary scans of the radioactive contents of each container because it is the only solution in the market that does not slow the rapid movement of freight. Today's award is based on VeriTainer's fundamental U.S. Patent No. 7,116,235 "Inverse Ratio of Gamma-Ray and Neutron Emissions in the Detection of Radiation Shielding in Containers." VeriTainer has two other issued patents fundamental to the crane-mounting scanning solution and several other patents pending.

Concerning the new Singapore patent, Lawrence Alioto , Executive VP of VeriTainer said, "One of the biggest concerns in the market is the unreliability, safety concerns and operational difficulties of x-ray imaging containers for shielding materials. X-ray imaging is extraordinarily difficult in any port setting. In a very high volume transshipment port like Singapore it is almost impossible. Automated real time shielding determination, done passively with the use of software, is the only way forward as it the addresses throughput, efficacy, cost and safety concerns inherent in active NII scanning."

About VeriTainer

VeriTainer Corporation is a venture-backed leader in crane-based radiation detection technology for scanning of shipping containers to ensure that the world's ports are free from nuclear terrorism. VeriTainer's patented technology enables scanning of 100 percent of shipping containers, addressing a principal vulnerability of the world's population centers and allowing for rapid scanning of containers entering and exiting ports without disrupting the flow of commerce.

SOURCE VeriTainer Corporation