SJCO to provide financial services for dealers, integrators

Sandra Jones and Company (SJCO), a firm which has served a number of distributors and product manufacturers with marketing and financial services, announced today that it is expanding into financial services for dealers and integrators in the security market.

According to a statement issued by the company, the company now offers business valuation, assessments and financial planning.

The move to offer such services to dealers and integrators comes from SJCO's Ray Lynn, who formerly managed ADT and HSM's acquisitions teams. His experience includes time spent doing due diligence on nearly 200 businesses and being an active participant in the acquisitions of over 80 dealers and systems integrators.

“I’m pleased to be assist dealers and integrators get the most value for their years of hard work,” said Lynn."Even if a company does not have plans to sell, it’s just good business to obtain an outside financial review. Even the best run companies in the industry have something that may be overlooked or can be improved upon.”

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