Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Joint Forces To Address Security and Defense Issues in the October 16-17 Conference

WASHINGTON , Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Threats to the Defense and Security of Iraq , Iraq Security and Defense Strategy, Border Control Challenges, and Foreign Military Presence are included among the topics to be taken up in the high-level conference, which will be held in Washington, D.C. , on October 16-17, 2008 . The said conference will be highlighting the presence of top senior Iraqi Security and Defense experts and officials, including the Iraqi Minister of State for National Security, Shirwan Al-Waili ; the Deputy Minister of Interior, Hussein Fahmi ; the head of the Assessment Department of the Ministry of Defense, General Anwar Ahmed ; and, the Commander of Iraqi Air Bases Security Surveillances, Brigadier General Shahab Ali .

The Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Joint Forces, General Babakir Al Zibari , who is also joining the "Iraq Security Strategy" panel moderated by the former Commanding General of the Multi-National Security Transition Command, Lieutenant General (Ret.) James M. Dubik , will be speaking on "An Overview of the Threats to Iraq's Defense and Security."

The two-day conference will also feature other Iraqi officials, including the Director of National Operation Center, Hussein Al Asadee ; the head of the Expert Group of the National Joint Intelligence Analysis Center, Adel Saad ; and, the Director of Planning and Operations Section, Brigadier General Waad Zinal of the National Security Advisory.

The annual conference, which tackles critical security and defense issues in Iraq has become a most anticipated and biggest conference held regularly in Washington, D.C. About 200 participants and guests from the security and defense community have signed up for this year's conference.

The 2nd Iraq Security and Defense Summit is organized by New Fields Exhibitions, Washington, DC , the international specialist in security and defense conferences.

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