ESX Expo from NBFAA and CSAA Gathers Steam

The NBFAA-CSAA jointly planned Electronic Security Expo (ESX) just got a little more momentum behind it.

NBFAA's Tennessee chapter, the Tennesee Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, announced today that it will merge its annual convention into the planned 2008 ESX event.

The additional of the TBFAA event should strengthen attendance for this dealer/monitoring event. The TBFAA says it normally brings together 300-400 managers and owners of Tenessee-based security installing and monitoring firms, and TBFAA president Scott Slough said that his organization would do "everything in it s power to ensure strong participation" at the 2008 ESX show.

ESX 2008 is slated for June, in Nashville, with the conference program running from June 25-27, and the exhibits open on June 26 and 27th.

The show will serve as a general meeting for both the CSAA and the NBFAA (both organizations share ownership in the show), and will also be the backdrop event for celebrating the NBFAA's 60-year anniversary. NBFAA President George Gunning said the organization plans to host a celebration with a country-music performer and a presentation on accomplishments and goals of the NBFAA.