TSA Lukewarm to Registered Traveler

In testimony to Congressional committee, Hawley says RT program is low priority

The interoperability pilot began this past January, when the first airports and air carriers were approved to provide RT services. TSA is monitoring the system to ensure that participants of one vendor can seamlessly use RT services provided by another vendor. "This is a key component of RT that must be fully functional prior to launching the program nationwide," said Hawley.

Currently seven airports and three carriers are participating in the RTIP in nine locations. Four airports and one carrier have initiated agreements with a service provider, but are not yet operational. Four airports are seeking RT services. TSA has endorsed five service providers. Others are expected to enter the market. Hawley said rulemaking will follow as RTIP matures, using lessons learned and feedback to develop regulations.

"We hope to see new, improved technology in the market as RT matures, and look forward to continued technological success from private industry as they search for ways to make the RT service more successful.

"TSA will continue to work with the RT community and our network of airports and air carriers to advance our mission of securing the Nation's transportation network," Hawley testified.

Airport Security Report -- 08/16/07