Global Leader in Wireless Instant Notification Equipment Introduces New Line With Extremely Long Range

FORT WORTH, Texas , Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- SecureTech Systems, the world's leading supplier of instant notification systems that transmit directly over radio networks, has introduced a new generation system that more than doubles the range of its wireless sensors to up to 2,500 feet.

SecureTech's system, known as the WAVE, provides an efficient and cost- effective way to call for help or protect assets using a completely wireless system. The WAVE is an ideal solution for court houses, schools, hospitals or any other facility where emergency personnel carry two-way radios. The WAVE has been used by police and security personnel across the country for a wide range of applications including protecting judges in courtrooms, material at construction sites and chemicals in tank farms.

When a wireless sensor, like a panic button or motion sensor, is triggered, the WAVE sends a detailed, pre-recorded message over the radios that are already carried by security personnel or local law enforcement. Messages are customized by the user to give the precise location and nature of the incident. It is like posting a permanent guard with a radio at the location of the sensor!

The system can support 125 zones and over 500 sensors on each control panel and can be integrated with other security systems so, instead of just recording an incident, CCTV or access control systems can also call for help without any dispatch delay.

As SecureTech's president, Juliana Goldenberg , notes, "When you need help, time is everything. While a minute or two of delay may not seem like much when things are calm, it is an extremely long time when there is an emergency."

The WAVE is also available as a portable unit and can be used for covert field surveillance or to provide VIPs or vulnerable individuals with personal panic alarms.

The WAVE can also send emails and text messages as a secondary alarm at the same time as the message is transmitted over the radio network. In this way, administrators and other off-site personnel can keep up with events even if they are not directly responding to an incident.

About SecureTech Systems

SecureTech was founded in 1994 and has installed over 1,100 systems in courts, schools, colleges, hospitals, stadiums, parks and other facilities nationwide. For many years, SecureTech focused on selling systems directly to end-users. In order to keep up with demand, SecureTech is in the process of establishing a dealer network for its products and is actively seeking local and regional dealers and integrators to represent its products.

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