Alarm signal lost following DSL installation

A Georgia woman says she’s been living with a false sense of security. After years of paying for a home alarm system, she was recently told it hasn’t worked properly for years.

Judy Scott sets the alarm every time she heads out of her Marietta home. "I got it because originally we had a robbery down the street and it scared me so I decided I better get a security system," said Scott.

She said with her ADT security system, she felt safe. "I did. Up until recently," she said.

That’s when she decided to test the system’s signal, which would prompt a police response if the alarm were to go off. She was told the signal wasn’t working.

"He said I hadn’t had service since 2003. Since, I guess, I got DSL," said Scott.

When she got DSL, she said a technician came and routed the signal through an existing phone jack. She said she was told a new jack wouldn’t be necessary, she claimed that was never made clear. But an ADT spokesperson told Channel 2 the company recommends customers periodically test systems to make sure there are no problems. ADT said it is explicit in their contracts. Still, Scott wants her money back.

"It’s like $95 for three months. That’s a lot of money for me," she said. And she said a technician came out to her house in December of last year to replace a battery. She said she was told her signal worked.

"I’m not a happy camper," Scott said.

Scott said ADT told her she could get six months free but she wants five free years.

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