Investors Saying Brink's Should Sell

The Brink's Co. was the buzz of New York's investment community on Monday and Friday after investors started talking about selling the company.

According to a Reuters new story, MMI Investments, which holds 8.3 percent of Brink's stock value, speculated that a sale or split of the company could fetch prices of $70 or better per share.

The speculation followed last week's acquisition of HSM Electronic Protection by Stanley Works, which bought the monitoring company for $545 million. The HSM sale was seen by many as a model for the kind of sale Brink's could go through.

The talk of a possible Brink's sale is not MMI's novel idea. Pirate Capital issued a press release in late November stating that it believed Brink's should consider a sale. Pirate Capital, a hedge fund, owns approximately 8.5 percent of Brink's.

According to a Brink's spokesperson quoted by Reuters, the company is considering acquisitions related to commercial security. As of Tuesday morning, Brink's stock was selling around $63.70, slightly off its Monday high of $64.60.

Brink's core businesses are in its monitored electronic (alarm) services and its armored truck division for cash handling services.