Glasgow Subway Brings 9/11 Security Team in For Assessment

A SECURITY team which worked with US airports in the wake of the 9/11 attacks has been called in to tighten security on Glasgow's Subway.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has hired Red Hackle to work on a safety review that will also cover Buchanan Bus Station.

And SPT Chief Executive Ron Culley said sniffer dogs and chemical detectors could be brought in after transport across the country was placed on high alert for the festive season.

Transec, the UK body "responsible for security on public transport, has announced the level of terrorist alert is set at 4, one short of the highest possible risk.

It contacted the SPT to warn of the change.

Mr Cully said: "London is pretty much 'target hardened'. Softer targets in the UK are more at risk."

He said the company would be involved in security checks at all 15 stations on Glasgow's underground network and the bus depot.

He told SPT members: "We are reviewing our security arrangements to protect the public, our staff and our assets."

The authority is also reviewing separate private security contracts that exist for the Subway, bus station and business depots.

It is offering staff extra training in how to deal with unattended bags and Mr Culley said that sniffer dogs and chemical testing equipment could be used.

SNP Councillor John Mason said some measures previously taken, including the removal of litter bins at some remote train stations, were "ridiculous".